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I'm Linh Vu.

I have moved to Canada  from September 2017 to pursue my dream career in
Advertising Account Management.
My personal life, including friends and family (and strangers) relationships, has always been serving people surround me so they can live up to their full potential and that makes me happy. I strive for the same in my working environment.
For clients, I want to be understanding and help solve their marketing problems.
For creatives (and production), I want to provide necessary information to inspire them to create what they can be proud of.

My team are one of the finalists of Grip Orange Juicer and eager to pitch our ideas to client on March 1st.

I enjoy at least one book a month. Currently, I'm reading Predictably Irrational. Here is the short version if you're interested.
And have I mentioned you have to watch The End of the F***ing World? Well now, I have.